Skin Care During Pregnancy

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pregnant mother are always gorgeous, they glow because they are working to bring new life into this beautiful world in just a few months. However, pregnancy can also take its toll on the body at the same time. It is very important to take care of your skin while you are expecting, as it is when you are not pregnant.

Prior to you start any skin care schedule while you are expecting, it is always recommended to consult with your family doctor. Some skin care products can be dangerous to your unborn child. You must understand that whatever you were putting on your body, it will directly or indirectly affecting your unborn baby.

You must cleanse your skin regularly during pregnancy. As your skin may be more sensitive than normal, it is always suggested to use mild soap or glycerin based soap specially design for too for sensitive skin. Try to avoid callous astringents, to remove oil from your skin. You can use gentle scrub to remove dead skin. And try to avoid face wash more than two times otherwise your skin become dry.

In pregnancy, skin becomes too delicate and sensitive and the chance of sun tanning and damage is improve. You can prevent this from happening, always try to stay out of the direct sunlight when it is at its strongest and use a good sun block lotion with SPF of at least 15 to 20.

There are also other skin problems like cracking, drying, peeling and loss of a healthy complexion that can happen during pregnancy as the body supports more than a single life. Along with a healthy diet, exercise and vitamins there are products available that can help restore the healthy glow to skin that may not be looking its best. It is also a good idea to use products with SPF in them if you plan on spending any time out in the sun.

Skin care during pregnancy doesn't need to be overly complicated, but you will need to take a bit more care than usual. Try to use fairly natural skin care products, as some chemicals can affect your unborn child. If in doubt, talk to your doctor. Apart from that, you should be able to enjoy a healthy pregnancy, for both your skin and your body.


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