Fact About Tubal Pregnancy

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The most blissful time in a mother’s life, her pregnancy, can turn to a horrifying nightmare due to pregnancy complications like tubal pregnancy. It happen when the fertilized egg gets implemented in some other part of the body instead of the uterus. Tubal Pregnancy is also known as ectopic pregnancies as most of them occur in the fallopian tube. But the ovum can also develop in the cervix, abdomen and ovaries. This condition is where by the embryo is unable to reach the uterus, but instead holds on to the lining of the fallopian tube.

There are so many symptoms of tubal pregnancies. The very first stage is basically symptom free. Most of the complications arise between 5 to 8 weeks after conception. The first stage includes a strong cramp-like or stomach-like pain in the lower part of the abdomen portion along with burning sensation in that area. The next sign may include pain while having urinating or easygoing vaginal bleeding. Later on it include pain and bleeding, both external from falling progesterone levels and internal from the affected tube. At such situation, it may be hard to guess whether this is a tubal pregnancy, a miscarriage or a normal pregnancy. So many times tubal pregnancies are misdiagnosed as PID or pelvic inflammatory disease.

What are the causes of tubal pregnancy?

• If the mother age is above 35 years then the tubal pregnancy chance get high.

• Tubal endometriosis.

• Pelvic inflammatory diseases (due to STDs) can result in the damage of the fallopian tube. If Chlamydia affects the fallopian tubes, the chances of tubular pregnancy can be high.

• Any kind of abdominal surgery such as appendix removal.

• The use of contraceptive pills could possible led to the tubal pregnancy.

• Contraceptive coil or other precautionary measure will lessen the chances of a pregnancy in the womb; but the same cannot be said for the tubes.

The treatment for tubal pregnancy varies and depending on the stage of the pregnancy, the size of the fetus and the stability of the mother. In the early stages, is called methotrexte can be used to retry the growth of the pregnancy. In second stages called as laparoscopy. This is the method where the surgeon operates on the inside of the body using a miniature camera. The pregnancy is removed and any damaged tissues and cell are repaired directly.

Doing regular checkups and as per the instruction of your gynecologist we can easily detect tubal pregnancy earlier. With the help of an ultra sound or hormone test will also help detect any divergence in the pregnancy. And when it comes to tubal pregnancies, the sooner it is found, the faster it can be taken care off.


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